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Comprehensive Plan

Beginning in 2008, a ten member committee worked for a year to prepare a draft Comprehensive Plan for consideration by the County Planning and Zoning Board. Members of the committee were Supervisor Marty Danzer, Marion Burns, Chris Danner, Dr. Nick Fangman, Kyle Klein, David Klocke, Alan Lemker, Dale Ludwig, Don Mensen, Dr. Craig Rowles, Tom Simons, Dale Sporrer, Larry Sporrer, Jim Thielen, Gene Vincent, and Dale Vonnhame. . Staff for the committee were Chris Whitaker, Region XII COG Community Development Planner, Carl Wilburn, Carroll County Zoning Administrator, and Dave Paulson, Carroll County Engineer.

The Planning and Zoning Board gave consideration to the proposed plan and recommended it to the Carroll County Board of Supervisors on December 11, 2008.

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing with regard to the plan on January 12, 2009 and adopted the plan as presented.

Carroll County Comprehensive Plan - 2009

    Planning and Zoning
    Sarah Haberl,

    114 E. 6th St.
    Carroll, Iowa 51401
    The Zoning Administrator's Office is located in the Recorder's Office

    Phone: 712-792-1022 #1

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